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“It’s not what it once was”…no kidding! Let me enlighten you on hockey in the Northeast…..youth, middle school, MIAA High School, Catholic School and Prep School and even College Hockey is…ready? NOT WHAT IT ONCE WAS EITHER!!!


These messages are comical. I suspect your son probably played on the Sophomore All Stars and lost 4 games by like 20 goals. What did you expect at a tournament for juniors, seniors, and PG - that your Sophomore All-Stars would win it?

Biggest problem with hockey is how kids play against their “age group”. It’s amazing and eye opening for parents how age group superstars who dominated their age bracket cannot play against older more physical kids. Then, they complain. Hockey by year is useless after Freshman year other than to play with their buddies and get ice time.

There were as many scouts there as every other summer tourney. They knew who they were there for before it started. If your kid is good enough, they’ll find him.

As for knocking the older kids, they are playing for a chance at something, so give them a break. It’s been a lousy high school experience for many due to CV. Pretty soon they will all be done and become grumpy old men posting on hockey discussion threads.


they had free coffee and donuts and theres a brewery in the rink so I'll keep bringing my kid until he's 19!!


I thought it was just Arlington with the 25 year old seniors but these rosters come on. Some guys were going to clock in at
The factory after the game