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Re: Hlinka Gretsky-USA Hockey

Interesting to see Team USA get handily defeated by team Finland who has a po****tion less than Massachusetts. Another illuminative example of how Team USA doesn\\\'t pick the best hockey players in our country...mostly the somewhat better, well connected hockey players. This has played out for years at the District level,resulting in an incredibly well connected national team. Team Finland doesn\\\'t pick the most connected hockey players. Interesting data point...Note the performance of most of the American Natty Camp kids when they get to prep vs. a far more diverse field of better hockey players. Got to natty camp on connection, putting up stats as mostly average or below average players. USA hockey is a greedy political org whom we all fund every time we register. Time to pick on ability,not last name/connection. Time for a change. BTW-lots of selfish hockey amongst this annointed group-note the selfish penalties that did them in.
To be fair, the Fins have all their top 05’s in the tourney. US has a team of players that didn’t make the NTDP. Although I do agree with a lot of the political connections helping players secure roster spots. Finland has also been very strong in international competition for years now
US struggling again today...defence can't skate and goaltending is struggling...
And just like that the US is out...well that didn't take long... Was Don Sweeney involved with picking the team 😂😂

Re: Hlinka Gretsky-USA Hockey

USA Hockey the district tryouts and their national camp is a joke similar to the insurance they offer. They control junior hockey sanctioning scared to let NCDC even become an official tier 2 league. And most of Minnesota high school hockey is AA stop trying to tell us its the best there is outside of a lower cost.