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Re: Prep school from non traditional hockey market

If you are a FP or close, get out your check book. He will make the team. They aren\\\'t turning down 70k x 4.
Nor do they have to turn 70k away. The applicant pool at the good schools is so large that they don’t have to make concessions.
You have no idea what you are talking about.
Yea you are right. I have no clue.
Are you suggesting the talent pool is so large that every kid is paying full price ?

oh boy. really? let's rewind that, shall we...

The statement was you pay full price your kid will get on the team and play prep hockey.

Have you seen acceptance percentages at the good prep schools? They turn away full paying kids fairly regularly. I remember an episode when my first of three toured SM. I was on a tour with other parents. Our sons toured with a student. The other kid was looking to transfer from DSF. The admissions tour guide asked why, the father said his sons wants to play hockey and they pay full price at Dexter and did not get to play. In fact they complained that they are basically financing financial aid for kids that stole his sons spot.

That's anecdotal, I realize that. But if they preps turn away full paying kids there is no reason to promise a kid a spot on a hockey team just because he is paying? I also have non-hockey friends that are paying full price and the kid ended up on the JV team for his no.1 sport.

btw, the hilarious part was the tour guide saying that SM has a strong JV team.

Now let me qualify, assuming a kid is a decent player and pays full, there are definitely schools out where he will play. But that's not gonna be AOF, Salisbury, Nobles or even SM.

Thanks for the clarification.

I agree wholeheartedly.

There are plenty of kids paying next to nothing while full price kids get turned away or relegated to JV.

I thought you were suggesting that they don’t need to make concessions for reduced pay kids because they have so many talented full pay kids to chose from.