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Re: ISL Schedule?

Relax, it’s fall sports season.

Re: ISL Schedule?


My kid graduated in 2017 from a Keller division school. The schedule for all four years he attended was virtually identical. In fact, I looked back to years prior to his arrival and it had remained substantially unchanged for all the years I went back.

Furthermore, since he graduated, the schedule has not changed much.

In summary, for 10 to 15 years, the schedule for his school was remarkably consistent, almost identical. Other than a few changes like - St. Paul's left the league. Tabor was added. Another occasional random substitution here or there.

So, if you want to know the schedule, just look back at last year. Or the year before last. Or the year before that....


Re: ISL Schedule?

Truth☝🏻They switch home and away each year that’s pretty much the extent of any change.

Re: ISL Schedule?

Yes that is correct. Schedule is the same. The only thing that changes is who is home and away.