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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

This guys nailed it. Altho PF isn’t a prep school as much as their name says. It’s a $13k/yr private school that’s a step about public schools. Thunderbirds better team are a split season team/ combined with PF school… if you get stuck (or tricked into) anything Thunderbirds full season, it won’t be strong team). Pics is the full season local alternative and if your kid is good he’d play Pics 16u. They get a ton of ice time for about 7-8k

Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

The BHL 15U team is a half season team. As the previous person said, they have a few very good players, good coaching, and it’s a fine option for someone preparing for a high school season.

Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

That BHL team is very good. It’s not the case across the organization though. It’s really hit or miss with them from year to year.