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Re: Someone please explain u14 to me!

Related: when does one go about getting on another team for the u15 year? I missed the boat last year and my son had to join a team that isn’t a great fit.

Re: Someone please explain u14 to me!

The half season teams that come back together are teams that have declared themselves as National Bound & qualified for their district tournament.

Yes, some players will depart the full season team after Thanksgiving. How many depends on the quality of the players, the quality of the their local high school program and how your coach put a team together. Experienced coaches often look for 14 year old 8th graders to fill a majority of spots so they don't have the player carousel and will take a slightly less talented player knowing they will be there full year.

Can your player leave? I always side with yes, as long as you paid up in full but some organizations will try and make it difficult for you. More common is to grad a spot on a team that has lost players and needs to bring in alternates to complete the season, usually in a different league.

15U: If looking for a full season team, the timing is about the same as youth, start reaching out sometime in January. If looking at a team declaring themselves National Bound, I believe they can't hold tryouts until April but I could very well be wrong in thinking this.

Re: Someone please explain u14 to me!

Some teams are 1/2 season some are full. Some kids on 1/2 teams need full season and some on full go 1/2. The ones who are on 1/2 teams join a full team at thanksgiving- got that. But then they return to their original team for states in February? If let’s say my kid is on a full season team but plenty of the kids are leaving at 1/2 for hs teams, could he leave and go to a different club team or is that an absolute no?
if they make V for HS then there is no time for youth hockey. But don't know until after the first week after thanksgiving.

Re: Someone please explain u14 to me!

It all depends on if the FS players make their HS team. If so, MIAA rules (and I think NH too) say you have to prioritize your HS team over club. So, lots of U14 teams fall apart after Thanksgiving. There is always FS teams looking to add players. They just can't join two 'national bound' teams.

Re: Someone please explain u14 to me!

Also, when should the process of finding a team start if you have a U14 that will need a full season team as a result of still being in 8th grade?!