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USPHL Tender

Parent's, please stop letting your kids sign Tendor's with USPHL teams. Your kid is locked into a contract that cannot be broke. The team can drop your kid and KEEP the right's so he cannot play for any other USPHL team at that level. No other league does this. Don't do it, they are all liars. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Re: USPHL Tender

Can’t second this enough. My kids hockey hopes are over. Signed Tender, got all the lip service, and then cut but team won’t release his rights. Close to getting a trade now but what a mess, and for no reason at all. Don’t sign that paper. Go to main camp, and training camp, if they want you they will tell you. Son can’t wait for the trade to go through so he can play this team and fire every puck into the bench at the coach.

Re: USPHL Tender

Contract Law 101: Read the fine print then read it again before you sign!:fearful: