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Re: States

U14 Eagles will get it done too. They are loaded with talent.
Rats and Kings are waaaay better than the Eagles buddy. Rats have a extremely good shot at winning Nattys at the U14 level. Bet

Re: States

im not taking any side here these are just facts. The king are goons 0 talent on the team and the river rats when all of those dust pans go and play public school hockey (a goon show) their 2nd half of the season will come to an end real fast. Eagles are loaded with talent they just have to put it all together.

Re: States

Eags certainly got the goods, from coaching to players, but dont always show up. Rats talented and could be favs, but are vulnerable to mistakes. Kings got some of the best Dmen and G's but F's are hit and miss at best. Militia is back of the pack in talent but terrific coaching and team heart.