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Beanpot Redux

Yawn...still hoping for a Harvard / Northeastern final someday.

Year / Beanpot Winner

1993 Harvard
1994 BC
1995 BU
1996 BU
1997 BU
1998 BU
1999 BU
2000 BU
2001 BC
2002 BU
2003 BU
2004 BC
2005 BU
2006 BU
2007 BU
2008 BC
2009 BU
2010 BC
2011 BC
2012 BC
2013 BC
2014 BC
2015 BU

Re: Beanpot Redux

maybe it's time to move the first round out of the Garden? The amount of empty seats is embarrassing. The first round should be held at the home rink of the previous year's champion. Maybe still have the championship game at the Garden?

Re: Beanpot Redux

The double header / early start doesn't help. At least let everyone upstairs move down!