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Re: UMASS..... really?

Yup a .500 coach that took a 14th place team in one year to fifth, 3rd, 2nd and then slipped a little to 4th. Id say that's pretty good.

Not my pick, I would have taken Ben Barr but don't just look at the record, look where they were and where they are now. He is leaving St Lawrence a hell of a lot better than where they were. Cant say the same about Umass...

In the ECAC? Welcome to Hockey East.

Re: UMASS..... really?

You keep posting about local kids... How many d1 local talent do you think there is?? First, the top tier local kids are going to BC and BU. The rest are scattered throughout hockey east. Yes, Umass hasn't had much luck with the locals but historically neither has any of the other hockey east schools. UNH has done a good job in the past but that's it.

If Umass took more local kids, the 2nd and 3rd tier d1 kids, they would be exactly where they are right now...

Not a shot at local kids either, just reality, you need to look outside the area to compete.

By the way, read the article about Carvel.. he's actually a pretty good well seasoned coach and might be able to do well there.

They need to do what the other schools have gotten good at doing: identify local talent early, get them in the right programs, get them to the USHL and then bring them back. There is more local D-1 talent than you think if they are found young and sent out to the Midwest to develop. Hanging around here, watching a couple 19 year old kids play prep hockey against 15 year olds and then 'season them' by playing a year or two of Tier III Junior Hockey is as foolish as believing you have to import every kid on the roster.

Re: UMASS..... really?

They need to do what the other schools have gotten good at doing: identify local talent early, get them in the right programs, get them to the USHL and then bring them back.

guessing you never actually recruited.

where would you play? BC? BU? Harvard? or some state school?

identifying them early and getting them into the right pre-'program' is only doing the work for those schools. instead you have to find the right mix of (basically) second tier players and trust you can 'out-coach' the opponent --- just like a certain current Bruins head coach.

Re: UMASS..... really?

Relying on "out coaching" when you're plucking a .500 coach from the ECAC is not something they can rely on I'm assuming. And wandering all over Canada looking for their talent hasn't worked either. I agree, maybe take a look here under your nose.

Northeastern has been doing a pretty good job looking locally and in reality how much worse could a UMASS team be if it became the go to place for local kids?

Re: UMASS..... really?

First off, I think you should give this coach a chance. Again saying that he is a .500 coach is misleading when you look at where he finished since he took over. Went from dead last to 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 4th. Not as bad as you think it is.

Also, you might want to look at Northeasterns roster again. 6 kids from mass. 4 played a significant amount and 2 of the 4 transferred from BU. So their first choice was BU. The top tier kids want to play for BC and BU and the rest get the second tier. Yes there ae some that might choose another school over BC or BU but not that many. Coaches are forced to look outside Mass to find kids.

Re: UMASS..... really?

You are right, no complaints with what you wrote. However Northeastern is active locally more than most and I think the post was about their local commits that aren't in the school yet. At least they're looking and I've even seen their assistant coach at a few high school games watching their commits and looking for others - I can't think of another school being around other than prep games.