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Re: Seacoast College Prep

Nah, Just pointing out a fact.

Re: Seacoast College Prep

KM is a good guy and his kid is a good player but I have often wondered way the kid jumps ship so often? My guess is he is trying to find the best path to Div !. Not so unique in this crazy hockey world.

Re: Seacoast College Prep

He jumps ship because the current situation did not workout for his kid. So he goes onto the next connection. And So on. And So on. And So on.

So when someone points out his organization is in it for the kids. I have to say. No, not even close.

Anyone can be a good guy to your face.

Re: Seacoast College Prep

Kurt Mallet is in it for his own kid. They care about the kids my a$$

Sorry your kid got cut - by KM

Re: Seacoast College Prep

Ever heard of them? guess they play out Exeter,NH. Are they any good.

Couldn't beat the last place team in the NEFPHL so I'd say no, they aren't any good.

Re: Seacoast College Prep

I would guess it might change every year as the players aren't in the program for very long. Some move on to college hockey and others fold up their tents I suppose.

Re: Seacoast College Prep

Do they have a website?

Re: Seacoast College Prep