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Re: Local players on preliminary 2017 NHL Central Scouting draft list

They really do not have to change much if anything. If an NHL team wants to draft a 17 year old kid, so be it. If they want to draft a third year eligible, so be it. I think the real issue is how do the NHL teams protect themselves from loosing an asset ( like Vesey) after three years of waiting. This is probably why so many NHL teams signed all of these underclassmen this summer because of the Vesey situation.

End of the day, the NHL teams do not invest much in a draft pick while waiting for them to sign. However, to be left high and dry leaves them pretty bitter!

I think you are exactly right about the reason for the talk of changing the draft age--Vesey definitely gamed the system. The NHL could "fix" this issue by simply extending the time where a draft pick remains the "property" of the drafting team, sort of like what colleges are trying to do by committing kids earlier and earlier.
You're giving Vesey too much credit. He didn't change the system, he did exactly what his good buddy did. Even went to the same team. Nothing original there.

Vesey didn't change the system. He took advantage of it to the detriment of the team that drafted him--and still wanted him. No one cared when Hayes did it. Until it matters to someone things don't change.