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Re: Harvard Donato 2.0

It is pretty amazing that the same guy that traded away both Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall actually burned a high draft pick on his buddy's kid and no one bats an eye...

Good riddance to the old GM, but this isn't the NFL where you're expecting kids to come right in in and play. Other than the top couple picks in each draft, everyone else is a projection that will probably take years to develop, if at all. (Malcom Subban anyone?) Sorry we can't get worked up over a local kid who goes to Harvard and plays for his Dad, getting drafted a round or two early by his hometown team.

Re: Harvard Donato 2.0

A round or two early? Maybe 3 or 4 rounds too early. But why flush it down the toilet just as a favor to your old pal?

Re: Harvard Donato 2.0


Re: Harvard Donato 2.0

Watch any D-I game and you'll see the sons of coaches, NHL front office guys, former players...those that are unconnected and make are almost a rarity. I could care less but when the team I cheer for (as in the Bruins) take a kid 3-4 rounds too early just as a favor to the kid's dad well then I have an opinion.

Sorry, but my kid made it and we are not related to anyone or know anyone. sorry your kid sucks

No, kid made it too. But thanks. I'm kinda connected though.

You guys are both hilarious. Guys with kids that "made it", or guys that are truly connected, don't come on anonymous message boards to brag about it. If you were really what you claim to be, you would let the little digs go knowing that you have the upper hand already.

Re: Harvard Donato 2.0

I have a hunch who that dad is (he has been on the DBoard for at least 6-7 years) and yes his son has 'made it' too. In fact if you judge the schools his boys go to yes they both 'made it.'

Re: Harvard Donato 2.0

I have seen both JD and RD play while growing up from mites to high school. Completely different players. While I think RD's 3rd round draft pick was ridiculous, he certainly deserved to play for Harvard and has shown that he is a good D-I player. I've heard parents at Dexter joke that the "D" at center ice does not stand for Dexter, it stands for Donato (because of all the nepotism). My question would be: Does Ryan Donato put up the same numbers or be as highly regarded if he attends a different prep, where his uncle is not the coach? Let's say he went to Nobles? Most writers don't think so. Still a very good player though.

JD, on the other hand, was an average youth player and second/third line high school player at Dexter who did not have the same natural talent that his older brother had. He was lucky to be coached by his uncle in high school because he would not have played at most other top prep hockey programs. Anyone who has seen them play, will not argue this fact. JD is a middle of the road D-III player.

I don't think the kid ever plays at Harvard. The father probably allowed him to say he committed to Harvard, which he probably regrets already. There is no scholarship money so what is Teddy really committing to? In all honesty, it is an embarrassment to Harvard and Teddy. If the kid was going to get into Harvard anyway, shut your mouth and don't have him broadcast a commitment that everyone is going to see and scrutinize. It might just cost him a future recruit or two if they think that his son might have an opportunity to play over them.

In the end, the kid gets a Harvard education. That's all that matters.

Re: Harvard Donato 2.0

Pretty legit points. And while you state " I think RD's 3rd round draft pick was ridiculous..." you are to be corrected; he was chosen in the 2nd round. And yes Bruins fans should have Peter Chiarelli's head on a stake for that and about 15 other idiotic things he did while he was here. As for Ryan Donato's time at Dexter it was no mistake that uncle put a couple of the area's best assist players (MB & KH) on the line with him. Would he have had two outstanding guys on the same line with him playing elsewhere? Not likely and yes the numbers got padded but it doesn't matter it's a legacy deal that was cemented a years ago.

A bigger concern for the program there is not the nepotism rather it is what has the coach and program done for players that have played along. I don't see the program coming through for kids, instead I see the kid's other programs finding the spots on college teams. Just my opinion.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.