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Re: Bruins draft picks

Hmmmm let's see,

a 19 year old top pairing NHL defensemen (well a second pairing defenseman on a good team) drafted in the second round in 2015


a 20 year old college forward who can't skate very well drafted in the second round in 2014

Thank you front Bruins office.

OP has a point.
But, he didn't make that point. Or any point.

Come on buddy, time will tell. Carlo may be the far superior pick but every pick is hit or miss, no matter where they were picked. Especially when it comes to the B's drafting.

It is so obvious you ( and your kid ) were lighted at some point!

Re: Bruins draft picks

Because of their age and rules/agreement with CHL (major juniors) those first rounders are not eligible to play in's either make NHL team or back to Major junior.