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Re: Harvard Donato 2.0

Pretty legit points. And while you state " I think RD's 3rd round draft pick was ridiculous..." you are to be corrected; he was chosen in the 2nd round. And yes Bruins fans should have Peter Chiarelli's head on a stake for that and about 15 other idiotic things he did while he was here. As for Ryan Donato's time at Dexter it was no mistake that uncle put a couple of the area's best assist players (MB & KH) on the line with him. Would he have had two outstanding guys on the same line with him playing elsewhere? Not likely and yes the numbers got padded but it doesn't matter it's a legacy deal that was cemented a years ago.

A bigger concern for the program there is not the nepotism rather it is what has the coach and program done for players that have played along. I don't see the program coming through for kids, instead I see the kid's other programs finding the spots on college teams. Just my opinion.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.