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Re: Scholarships

You're never going to see exactly how much any player is getting, but if you go to you can at least see the commits to D-1 programs. Keep in mind that D-1 schools are limited to 18 scholarships (a lot better than lacrosse, which can only give 12.6 scholarships with team sizes in the 40s!) so most of the kids are getting partials. Also, if a a school has Canadian players they are probably getting full or close to full-rides, leaving less available to Americans, because the cost of school here is so much higher than it is in Canada. If they didn't give the Canadians great deals, they'd be much less likely to come. Finally, the scholarship numbers get thrown out the window in connection with Ivy League schools since they aren't permitted to give any. They get around that by awarding "grants" to hockey players they want and, from what I understand, there aren't any limitations on their ability to do that.

Outside of the ECAC/IVY financial situation, each league is different, for example Hockey East teams get 18 full scholarships each year, Atlantic Hockey only get's 12 I believe, etc., etc. So the head coach's have to manage the money each year, some kids get a 4 for 4, others get 2 for 4, or 3 for 4, and some kids get nothing, it depends on the school.

Re: Scholarships

Atlantic Hockey just voted to go to 18 to even the playing field.