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Re: EHL Dead

This will be the first and last year the USPHL stays with USA hockey. They will be AAU next year. Many more leagues and programs will follow the year after.

Re: EHL Dead

Fruit Loop
So a bunch of teams left to go to the USPHL. Looking at the new teams coming into this league. Awful. It's over.

Should be interesting with the USPHL tuition free league. How are they funding this? Youth teams paying for Juniors? No way they get any sponsors to alleviate costs or attendance.
Yes, mostly they are adding youth teams at the "Tier 1" level to generate added revenue. The rest will come from increased tuition on the youth teams that already exist.

Which is why USA Hockey rejected their Tier 2 application. They didn't like the funding model. Of course, that's exactly how USA hockey operates - they "tax" every youth player in the country.

Interesting. You make some very good points. Only in hockey.

Re: EHL Dead

EHL is dead. What will Gilly do now? Looks like it is over for jr warriors and alike left in this league.