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Re: USHL Camp Invites ??

Whether its 25% or 33% or 50%, we all know special teams is a big part of the game and if your kids not out there, it also means he's not out there in the last 5 minutes of the third period so it's a bad spot to be in.
My kid was invited to an NHL development camp this summer, but I think I'm going to skip it since I don't know that he will be on the PP or PK his first year with the team.

Playing in a three day long ( for free) with an NHL team as a high school or college player, is a lot different than sending your underage kid out to the midwest to sit on the bench during his prime development years.

The kid going to the NHL camp has already chosen his path; College or Jr A's. Nothing to lose, Everything to gain. Has a poor showing, so what. Next season his play will dictate what NHL Dev Camp invites he gets.

One is an " either or" the other is an "add on"

Not sure why I bother with these false narratives you moron's create during your union 15. Get back to sleep slappy.
Lighten up, Francis. It's a beautiful Friday in May.

And the OP didn't ask if he should send his kid for the season. He asked if he should attend a camp. It's a long way between attending a camp and actually sending your kid to Omaha. Which is why the parallels you are drawing are not apt.