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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: D-3 College Hockey

I have a son who plays club hockey. No tire pumping needed. It\'s all for fun and enjoying the game - school comes first as it should be for college kids. I do wonder why some kids play marginal D-3 hockey at less than stellar schools. What\'s the use? Skate five days a week, bus rides all over the region, play not so good hockey, attending a school just so you can play all for no discount at the Bursars office. Why do it?
Both parents are paying, so no difference there.

Only difference would be that maybe one kid has set a goal to play an NCAA sport and be part of a true college team and get a collegiate varsity letter.

The other guy decided to pursue a club level sport. Maybe his focus is on something else.

Yeah, I don't understand why anyone making Choice A has to dump on kids making Choice B. How about we respect the choices they make and assume they have their reasons?

My kid is a Junior in HS so the college process is starting in earnest. He has an outside shot at D-I but it would only come after playing Juniors. So, since we can't predict the future, we are developing two lists - one academic, one hockey.

And, guess what? A lot of the schools are on both lists! So, what's so bad about his making a decision that includes his passion? As long as he makes grades (he has so far), why would we not support his pursuing D-III hockey?

I can think of way more reasons TO support him than to not.

Just like you and your kid.

Hmmm, imagine that!