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Re: Wahlstrom Decommitts..again!

BU and BC are being dragged down by the one and done culture. It doesn't work in hockey like it does in basketball. Kids are not there to build a team/culture and win. They want to put up their numbers and move on. Wonder if/when they will return to focusing on sustaining their programs year in and year out. Maybe this year is the turning point because both might miss the tourney if they don't win hockey east.
Agreed! It became apparent a few years ago with Umass Lowell having so much success with few if any future NHL stars. Eichel was a game changer at BU but was also surrounded by veteran players. BU teams the last few years feel more like showcase teams rather than a team built to win. BC somewhat the same but maybe more the aftermath of what happens when they all leave. Coach York seems like he maintains more of a team culture then some other programs that have these issues.