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Re: Cyclones NCDC Announce 3rd D1 Commit

Not a bad track record of exposure for a 6th place team with a sub-500 record.
Number 4 today
All those years of work and \$\$ to play at Sacred Heart University? Hmmmmmm. Parents must be so proud.
Actually it was Quinnipiac, but don't let the facts get in the way of your argument

D1 hockey is D1 hockey, so what's wrong with getting a ton of money to go to Sacred Heart?
If you took the time to follow the link you'd see the kid written up committed to SHU. Doesn't refer to Q kid. If all you care about is having your kid play D-1 hockey, SHU is fine. If you actually want him to get an education, meh.

Re: Cyclones NCDC Announce 3rd D1 Commit

There are 60 D1 colleges. There are 17 USHL teams and 16 NAHL. The players have to come from somewhere. With virtually every kid in USHL comitted and on average a dozen per NAHL team, that leaves a few for the NCDC, Junior A etc. Get all giddy if you want but it's supply and demand. Now get up past 50% D1 comitted on a league average and then you can say you are more than T3 junior.