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Re: BU and BC winless

Will do a great job? Is losing 9-1 to Northeastern convincing you of that? Would be doing lot better under previous coach but he's coaching pro now.

Re: BU and BC winless

just looked up merrimack OUCH. will be interesting to see what happens with them.
I'd like to see Merrimack move to either the ECAC or Atlantic Hockey conference. I think it would be a better fit for them.

Re: BU and BC winless

With Borek there now they are not going anywhere for the time being...They are going to give him time to recruit and build the program up....if not then they should move to another conference...

Re: BU and BC winless

We will be fine, just watch. Borek will do a great job, may take a couple years. HE is changing, BC and BU are not the places to go anymore. There are better coaches at other schools. Lowell best BU last night, that just shows that a coach can win over talent. Norm can out coach many of the guys out there. Albie May or may not figure out how to be a head coach. UNH will be a team in the future as well, Souza is a great coach. Just look where Umass was before, now look at them, #1 in the country before loss last night.