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Re: WJC 2019 roster

And yet he's still better than your kid. Oh how that hurts.

Re: WJC 2019 roster

1st rounder, J’OB got invite, 2 points. OW got invite, 3 points. For all you morons that do not know anything, JW also got invite, but he has a shoulder injury.

Keep up the trashing, look in the mirror and see where your kids are. Kid is the hardest working kid out there. Just like other posts, you all make fun of OW too, bunch of jealous blow hards out there.

Just like you morons trash TJW, will be great at NU next year. OW will be in the show soon.

Keep writing negative stuff, karma is a ***** and smells like fish.

Re: WJC 2019 roster

You are obviously part of the inner circle of JW ball suckers. Kid has 2 assists and hurt again...they are going to put up with that for much longer at BU. Losing the way they are now doesn’t sit well with the alumni.

Re: WJC 2019 roster