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Re: After the Q

Setting goals and meeting them leads to success in anything you do. These kids set a goal and met it... instead of shi$&ing on them how about a high five even if they play 2 games.
It's hardly the kids setting goals. I would say it's more the parent setting the goal and moving their kid to the best situation. The kids just play in the rink at which they are dropped off.

Re: After the Q

Unless the team/org/coaches are idiots, you're not only playing 2 games, even if you get eliminated after the minimum.
You should be scheduling at least a couple of exhibitions before your first game, and then, should you exit early, a few more games after.

Every team up there has the opportunity to play 5-7 games against very good competition you wouldn't otherwise see at any other tournament. And, there's all the other stuff to experience in and around Quebec City during Carnival.

Re: After the Q

Why is this under Junior Hockey? THe Q means something completely different in Juniors.

Go back to the Kiddie Board and try again.