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GED? What a dope. You show what a ******* you are. The world is changing. Education is changing. Colleges like Stanford University now have online high schools. So that's the same as a GED right?

My kids went prep around here. They did well. It cost me a ton of money. My neighbors kids went public and did well. Went to equivalent or better colleges as my kids. Why? Because both of us raised our kids to be achievers. The question is are your kids achievers or not. If they are, then let them go and achieve. No one will ever care where your kid graudated from high school. Sorry Nobles and Exeter but no one will ever care. Most high schools and prep schools deliver most of their value through junior year. Senior year is a joke filled with seminars and service projects. Accredited NCAA compliant online HS is not a joke but like anything, your get out of it what you put into it. If your kid is an achiever, then let him do senior year online and pursue hockey. If your kid is a slacker and will cheat his way through, then don't do it. Make a parenting decision based upon the best interest of your kid. But do so with a serious evaluation of what kind of player he is. If he is a for sure one year USHL player and move on to D1 college the it's a no brainer. If your not sure, then finish HS here first and then evaluate juniors.
Sorry, but most people do care if you went to Exeter or Andover, it's about the only time you would put your "high school" on your resume' (Nobles is a joke compared to the before mentioned schools). Those alumni connection are more relevant than the majority of colleges.


Once your past hs no one cares.


You know the USHL kids attend high school, right? And don't worry, most Midwestern high schools smoke the local schools anyway so don't worry. Plus, as if anyone cares if the kid graduated from North Platte Central or Exeter. The real question is will he'll be playing at Notre Dame or Yale or is he playing at Salem State or SNHU. The USHL makes a better college possible. So ship the kid out there, they will have him enroll and why not play at the highest level possible. Prep is cute for all the east coast pomp and b.s. but maybe it's better to expand the kid's horizons.