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Do you need an advisor / agent?

Some important notes if you want an agent or needing a career change.

1 Send me an elite prospects link! Don’t make me search for Sean Smith for example because Elite Prospects has 30 of those players with that name

2 if you didn’t play hockey last year the dream is dead unless you are a proven NHL player

3 you don’t need an agent if you played in the 4th league of Sweden as an example

4 no agent is going to work with a player that had 11 points in 5 years playing for University of Manitoba as an example once again you don’t need an agent

5 know when to fold them if you played for the Kamloops Blazers as a 20 year old and had 24 points go to school and move on with the next chapter of your life. On average I tell this to about 10 players a month

6 Agents are not some miracle worker and can make your resume seem sexy and that a team really needs you. Once again any hockey agent in the world has only so much influence

7 finally don’t be scared to leave North America if you have played 3 or 4 years in the AHL and spinning your wheels go to Europe while you have some marketplace value. Don’t go when it’s too late

Thank you for reading this as these thoughts and good luck!

Re: Do you need an advisor / agent?

nothing good happens at 2am