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Re: Quinnipiac/ NCDC connection

There are far to many "tuition free" options that are much better resourced. Unless there is some other radical change that can differentiate NCDC, there is no reason for elite players from other geographies to play there. And there is still too many reasons for elite players from NE to go to the USHL or Junior A.

Root for it all you want but if you are outside of the USAH fold, you will never get close to those leagues.

Re: Quinnipiac/ NCDC connection

It was a distant third before the rebranding and it is after. Nothing has really changed. It\'s still a non factor in the grand scheme of things. Maybe that will change but without USAH support, I doubt it.
It isn't just "rebranding." They changed the entire structure to make it tuition free. That means they started signing a different caliber of player, and only started doing so last year. You have to give it time to see where it's going. Could be up, could be down.

And yes, tbe BCHL and AJHL are better. That's why I clarified the prior post to add that these are U.S. Juniors.
No there not? A pig is a pig, no matter what color lipstick you put on it.