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Re: Conor Garland

Well some of the facts are wrong but cheap troll job -

"Garland is scheduled to appear at a pre-trial hearing today, according to the office of the Suffolk County district attorney. He faces an assault and battery charge."

The Heights, Volume LXIX, Number 2, 9 September 1985

Jury Convicts Man Of 1984 Mathieu Murder

by John Morrier

A 20 year old West Roxbury man was convicted in the February 18, 1984 killing of Boston College junior Charles Mathieu. Scott O'Leary was sentenced to 20 years by an eight

woman, four man jury in Suffolk Superior Court on July 11. O'Leary, who had previously pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder in the first degree, was convicted of second degree murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. O'Leary's lawyer, Thomas Finnerty had asked for a finding of manslaughter "so we don't lose another boy." The murder occured in the early morning rain February 18. Mathieu was hosting his brother Peter and two friends, all minors, for the evening. The four had been drinking in Mathieu's Edmond's Hall apartment February 17. The group then went to Mary Ann's in Cleveland Circle. After consuming seven pitchers of beer in addition to mixed drinks, the four walked back to campus. While on St. Thomas More Drive, they saw O'Leary and his companion Gary Garland, both of whom had been drinking, attempting to repair their stranded Chevrolet. A fight ensued between Garland and one of Mathieu's friends, which spread, involving all six men. As Mathieu and his companions scattered and fled toward Edmond's, O'Leary chased Mathieu and struck him on the back of the head with a tire iron. Edmond's residents and resident assistants separated the two parties, who continued to Fight after Mathieu fell, and phoned the BC Police. BC police, arriving within two minutes of the first call, attempted to revive Mathieu, but were unsuccessful. Mathieu died at 3:24 am. All five of the others were taken into protective custody by Metropolitan District Commission Police. Garland is scheduled to appear at a pre-trial hearing today, according to the office of the Suffolk County district attorney. He faces an assault and battery charge O'Leary was scheduled to serve his sentence at Cedar Junction, but is serving his sentence at another undisclosed location. "People his age don't go there [Cedar Junction]," Finnerty said. In February of 1984, BC Police Chief Kenneth Watson said of the case, "It will be rather a lengthy process before anything is resolved," and the case is not yet closed. Finnerty said his client will definitely appeal the conviction to the State Court of Appeals. "These things take time," he said.

Re: Conor Garland

My dad was in the Mob, I turned out OK, leave the kid alone.

Re: Conor Garland

I grew up white trash and have made it pretty far, leave the kid alone.

Re: Conor Garland

Out of curiosity, I checked out his highlights from Junior A that are on You Tube - wow, this kid can play! His skills and moves are unreal.

Re: Conor Garland

Last American to lead the Canadian major juniors in scoring...twice? The obvious rap against him is obviously his size. I think the Coyotes list him as 5'8" but in reality he must be shorter than that. 5'6" and change maybe.

Re: Conor Garland

Dad put Boston Mission together at a time when the whole youth hockey was getting watered down. Did it right and it's hard to argue with the success the kids have had since.

Re: Conor Garland

CG has been proving the nonbelievers wrong.
Has worked hard and through every obstacle.
A very tough road.
How can anyone criticize him.

Re: Conor Garland

I heard Conor's father was a rapist.

Re: Conor Garland

Yes, that's Garry Garland's son. I wonder if the son knows about the father's violent past?

Re: Conor Garland

Kid took a puck to the face for a goal and buried another opportunity later in the game last night.
Dosent matter what the old man did, kid can play.