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Re: 8% True Freshmen in D-I

No one said it was great. I said it was efficient because it was merit based. It works and it works well for those who use it for what it is. If you lack self-awareness or awareness of your kid’s ability then the system will suck but that doesn't make it a bad system.

You cry about it because some kid who played junior for three years can't get a D3 slot. So what? Doesn't mean the system is broken. It just means your vision of everyone has a place to play doesn’t' exist except in your fantasy world.

You complain that "only" 30% of D1 players play in the NHL. I say that's awesome. It validates NCAA as a viable path versus major junior. You complain that it keeps kids hanging onto an NHL dream. That’s stupid. NCAA is the one amateur level that is a destination. All others are stepping stones. But OK so in your mind if 30% is a negative, what should it be? 100% as well? Everyone gets a slot?

No other sport has junior hockey, that is true but it's already been stated that football is older than hockey by a year. Those kids bridge by repeating, pg, junior college and red shirting. So that's better than junior hockey? If so why? How many football players do all they can and repeat, pg etc and then when they are 21/22 are still told no, we have another kid. You act like that is just a hockey thing. So naive for someone who claims to have a D1 kid.

Re: 8% True Freshmen in D-I

No, not Naive at all. I completely agree about the talent piece. I know that making it takes an immense amount of talent, dedication and commitment. It is not for the faint of heart and NO ONE gets there without sacrifice. Difference between me and you is that I have the capacity to BIG PICTURE it and you only have the ability to focus on ONE experience.
What I have seen is my son's friend who did one extra year for soccer and ended up at Holy Cross, his basketball friends that did ONE extra year in prep and played for Lehigh University and Vanderbilt. His baseball friend who re classified and played baseball at Boston College. NOT ONE did three extra years. So please stop with your BS. Yes there is the anomaly football kid, but overall this process is unique to hockey. Just because my kid made it doesn't make the three year system right.
I am done.. As the old saying goes you can't fix stupid!!

Re: 8% True Freshmen in D-I

Stupid is the inability to do simple math and understand the system if you really have a kid that's gone through it. If the avg freshmen is 20, that's one year. Seniors in HS are 18. A year of juniors is 19. Freshmen are 20. Now if you have gone and done a repeat and have not played juniors then that's your choice but you won't be ready from a hockey standpoint unless you play USHL.

I can pick out just as many kids as your baseball or soccer friends who didn't have to repeat or PG or any of that and go right to college so stop with the one offs. You hate the hockey system we get it. Your wrong but sorry again your kid got cut.