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Re: 8% True Freshmen in D-I

If you capped the age of incoming hockey freshman at a one year gap post graduate all that would happen is the junior leagues would go younger. Instead of heading off to the USHL at 18 or 19 you would see players heading off to the league at 16 and 17. It is hard for a kid that age to live away from home. I\\\'d prefer they be 18 when they do it. Play hockey, take a college credit class or two while you do it, and take some time to mature. Truth is, hockey or not, I\\\'m not sure I want to send a kid straight to college right out of high school these days anyway. Look at the first year college drop out rate. A kid will be much more prepared, hockey or not, after spending a year or two in juniors.
My kid was 17 went he headed to the USHl, 19 when he started at his Hockey East School. All of you are forgetting why college hockey/Juniors is set up this way in the first place? It makes College Hockey relevant to the NHL, the NHL has a hard on for NCAA players nowadays, because of their maturity, skill set, and knowing how to play a defensive game (something you don\'t see in the CHL). Remember, back before the 90\'s, College Hockey as mostly irrelevant, because most of these guys went from Prep/HS right to D1 hockey, and the vast majority of them weren\'t making it to the NHL. Look at the Olympic team from 1980, at most, the guys who made it to the NHL, they were only there for a cup of coffee. The current system give NCAA players a better chance to making it to the NHL. If that doesn\'t float your boat, then have your kid play club, there are plenty of them
Gee it makes college hockey relevant to the NHL? Gee we didn’t know that. I guess we forgot even though it was said a number of times.

Re: 8% True Freshmen in D-I

All the hopes and dreams of college hockey within one year of graduating HS is never going to happen.