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Re: BC Lineage

Well for the season, it's a disaster. 11-19-3

Program has been on a steady decline for past few years, Conte is empty and they'e losing recruiting battles in every HE corner.

Friends and Family have certainly played a major impact on their demise, not to mention Coach York's inability to adjust in the recruiting game.

BC needs a major overhaul to get back to National prominence, let alone the top of Hockey East.
Except, they just extended York through 2021/22.

So much for an overhaul.
I said they needed one, not necessarily that they'd get one.

York has the job as long as he wants it and is physically able, as he deserves. But program has and will suffer because of it.

York has entered the Dean Smith phase now. And I love the guy too. But it's time to move on and find someone to energize the program with a better recruiting approach. And it hasn't been just one year now either..