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Re: Oliver Wahlstrom

Oliver Wahlstrom ends the craziest college hockey path in history:

-Commits to Maine at 13 (Jan 2014)

-Decommits from Maine (July 2015)

-Commits to Harvard (Aug 2015)

-Decommits from Harvard (Early 2018)

-Commits to BC (May 2018)

-Plays 1st game (Oct 2018)

-Leaves BC (Mar 2019)
Was he a FED player in his early years bouncing around like someone searching for the right Q team or did RG cut him and then blackball him.
Good riddance. That guy is a big, fat nothingburger. He is invisible on the ice. I hope he enjoys the ECHL.

Re: Oliver Wahlstrom

Kid sucks, just like to old man. I am sure BC is happy to see him go.

Re: Oliver Wahlstrom

Bridgeport bound

Re: Oliver Wahlstrom

Still better than JW

Re: Oliver Wahlstrom

That because JW sucks too! Keeps getting hurt, skating with his head down and gets lit up.