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Re: NCDC/USPHL Free Combine

Brilliant stunt. To bill it as a way to show that they aren’t in it for the money is genius and I mean that.

It’s a great ploy but what it tells me is that they have a lot of teams at all levels that aren’t full. They have a lot of NCDC camps that aren’t full. So they took money from the huge piggy bank to get kids to a free Combine in order to try to fill the teams that have openings. Smart move and if you don’t have to pay for a flight and hotel there is really no reason not to go.
Sucks for the people that paid for the Combine they had 10 days ago.

My guess is it's more the Premier and Elite teams that aren't full. They started the "trickle down" from NCDC last year, with mixed results.

League is at a critical juncture.

Re: NCDC/USPHL Free Combine

^^^100% True..Hoping for 1 more year at U16 level then move on