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Anybody look at the numbers yet?

Premier - 51 teams. Hard for a league to be special with that many teams.

Elite - the opposite problem. Only 17 teams, down from 20, with 10 of the 17 being in the South - VA, NC, SC, GA and FL, where they apparently haven't caught onto the fact that this division is on life support.

No teams this year for the Islanders or NH Monarchs. Says volumes that the the founder and CEO of the league decided it wasn't worth it to field a team at one of the three levels of junior the league has offered since it was formed. Junior Bruins, on the other hand, didn't get that memo and will probably try to trot out a mediocre product at both levels again this year.

Good thing there are 51 Premier teams to absorb these kids, so they can watch from the stands or work the cameras.