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Gens last year?

Rumor has it Lovell’s and other owners split, program losing money hand over fist and rink giving them the boot....

So much for the NAHL taking over the east... 🤔

Re: Gens last year?

It may be their last year but got to get some facts straight:

Lovell has no ownership, it’s the same 3 guys from the beginning and they haven’t “split” just look into how they know each other

Lovell still involved a lot in the organization from top to bottom

Why would a failing rink kick out a tenant that buys (I would assume for real $$) unwanted day time ice.

Seems a bit of a reach. Don’t know about them losing money (I assume they do at the NA level) but appears the rumor mill is starting early

Re: Gens last year?

Joe Lovell stepped down as coach.

And yes, Lovell’s have a 25% ownership stake. Not sure what that actually means in a business worth $0.

Lovells over extended, watered down. Without a good coach at the helm they are back to where they were 2 years ago, which is an undesirable spot.

Rink won’t kick them out, they simply can’t afford to stay.

Re: Gens last year?

Hahahahaha none of that is true

Re: Gens last year?

Ahh, yes it is. BE HC again, not JL. My kid is on the team hee hah..

Re: Gens last year?

Your kid is not on the team if you are saying this because you would know different

Re: Gens last year?

Ahh, yes it is. BE HC again, not JL. My kid is on the team hee hah..
Sorry your watered down teams coach cut himself.

Re: Gens last year?

Sinking ship

Re: Gens last year?

Rumor has it they are trying to sell them but nobody wants them

Re: Gens last year?

Relo to CT