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Re: Twitter Congrats...

Clubber Lang
This Club Hockey guy is a legit madman, but I can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t hate on him. Guy shows hustle and effort even when faced with a losing argument. He is clearly headed to an insane asylum but god**** he is going down swinging.

Lets look at the facts:

1. He has a kid playing Club/Rec hockey in the south
2. He is on the dboard all day trying to promote club hockey and belittle DIII hockey
3. He is obsessed with making Club/Rec college hockey relevant and convincing people it is at or a step below DI and a step above DII

With those facts being undeniable, it is clear the following is true:

1. He spent a minimum of $3.5k a year x 10 years = $35,000 (Mite through midget) on youth hockey and then either public high school or prep (another $200k)

2. After said spend the boy received Zero D1 offers and Zero DIII interest.

3. His only option was to play Club/Rec hockey for 4 years at a party school in the south (god bless him)

3. The financial and familial investment have yielded no NCAA return on investment.

4. In hindsight he feels like a total buffoon and will spend as much time as necessary to belittle others experiences.

We have a Bingo!
Negative. Anyone that thinks the youth through HS \\\"financial and familial investment\\\" is a failure if it \\\"yielded no NCAA return on investment\\\" is a **** poor parent and role model.

My kid is tracking toward paying NCAA hockey. At NO point did I place conditions on my kid that if he didn\\\'t make it to college hockey I wasted my money. In fact, when he posed that question to me - no doubt following a locker room conversation with Clubber\\\'s kid, I told him exactly the opposite. I told him I did it to support his passion, but if that passion ever waned, we\\\'d walk away, both happy for the memories it created for us.

And, I asked him to do the same for my grandkids.
It’s always been about his return on investment and that he can tell his buddies his superstar is playing college hockey.. he’s convinced himself that to play D3 in favor of club is the way to go. So his kid will work in some skate shop until he’s 21 while he shells out another $30k so his kid can age out in the EHL than go to some crap D3 school with about 3000 students in the middle of nowhere.. his kid will hate him for it if he doesn’t already.

Go for it Rock!!
You know you could have had Clubby play town youth hockey and town high school to end up playing college club/rec right?

That’s gotta sting, hence the crusade.

Just step away from the public computer at the library, jump on a flight and go root Clubby on! This should be the fun times! If he knew you were on here fighting an unnecessary battle for him he would be really embarrassed. It’s the final act, support him. Don’t waste time ripping other kids.
Tell your guy to make sure he does a good job on those skates..

Re: Twitter Congrats...

If a recent commit came to my practice as a squirt should I go on Twitter and congratulate him? Did I have an impact on his development?

Re: Twitter Congrats...

Of course you had an impact. A tremendous one. He skated at that practice and realized that he had no future or prospect of development if he played with you and moved on. You probably did more for that kid than you realize. So thanks and congrats to you for being a bad coach !

Re: Twitter Congrats...

Why do programs keep sending Twitter Congrats shout outs about former players who quit the program, team and coach? Don’t these coaches and program owners feel like shameless idiot tools?
surprised this thread as continued this long, its really quite simple: the program is promoting itself: 'look who we produced'. then the question is did they really? well that is up to the player/parents. even a single season can have an impact (even just to re-energize their love of the sport) which leads to three paths:

player knows about it and agrees --- i assume you now have no issue

player knows about it and disagrees --- in which case he can respond to the tweet (which will show on the promoters page). i would assume at that point it the thread would be deleted, but the damage is done.

player is unaware --- then let him know, tweet message (if it is protected, then send to a teammate or the team)

Re: Twitter Congrats...

BA land awfully quiet recently on commits and signing of NLI’s....