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Re: Tier 3 Junior Hockey

NE Knights have 02s and 01s that can’t make their public HS varsity team. Enough said.

Re: Tier 3 Junior Hockey

NE Knights have 02s and 01s that can’t make their public HS varsity team. Enough said.
One team doesn't define the entire level.

It's like saying because a Trabant sucks all cars suck.

Re: Tier 3 Junior Hockey

The NA3HL has taken heat in the past because of the NAHL policy regarding the requirements of drafting/tendering NA3HL players. It has been called "fake advancement" and a number of other things. I'm not going to debate the pros/cons of such policies. On one hand, I understand trying to promote from within, give a kid a shot and if he sticks, great, if not release him and move on. On the other hand, I can see how it artificially creates this "pathway" that gets marketed that does not really exist.

So it was very interesting to come across this regarding the NCDC and USPHL Premier:

"Plans are in place for the NCDC to take a page out of the NAHL-NA3HL relationship book for the 2020-21 season by requiring NCDC teams to draft and tender USPHL Premier players. Two rounds of the NCDC Entry Draft will be set aside solely for the selection of USPHL Premier Division players, while each NCDC team will be required to tender at least one USPHL Premier player."

I wonder if there will be an article on that one site about this?

Re: Tier 3 Junior Hockey

So many responses, so little time.

NCDC...bad....Premier...really bad... to u14 hockey with no skill. NE Knights? Funny. Keep writing checks to the Lovell’s you idiots. AWFUL hockey.

They have a few local Public HS cuts playing. TL and JL wrote the book on how to water down a brand and kill a business.


Re: Tier 3 Junior Hockey

Last year NA3 Milwaukee Power had a MN goalie on their team that didn’t even play hockey the previous season. He’s a sub 6’ 240 lb bad goalie. He played low level class A MN high school hockey 3 seasons ago and was bad. This is the perfect example of how a parents checkbook is more important the the kids hockey talent to make a NA3 roster.