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Stretching the Truth

Saw a retweet of three EHL All-Conference players.

95 Giants Hockey
We spy 3 former full season midget players here... congrats to IG ( WNE), JM (SUNY Brockport )and EG ( Becker) Best of luck at school next year boys

From Elite Prospects, IG was rostered three years ago while he was a Prep player, but never played a game. JM's profile doesn't even show the 95 Giants, meaning he was never rostered, if he was there at all. Only EG shows as having played - 13 games two years ago before he moved to another team.

GM must have just gotten in a 2AM when he posted.

Re: Stretching the Truth

Every program does this especially the Lovell’s. Giants guy burns through players left and right though and then does stuff like this. It’s the reason why so many players go there for a short period of time and then leave. It’s the reason why they can never field teams