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Re: U of Georgia to build 5,500 seat Ice Stadium -

This is a Junior & College hockey forum, Club hockey talk does not belong in here. Please refrain from cluttering up the board with your silliness.

I sent a message to the Admin to see if they can creat s spot for you and you 5 alias to talk bout the big Lousianna Tech v. Mississippi Regional Voacational College match-up this weekend.

Fingers crossed.

Hahaha, Club IS college hockey. You know, the games with the student actually attending the games.
Club hockey is not college hockey. It’s U22 beer league rec hockey
U-25. Some kids age out and THEN play NCHA.

Nothing wrong with that, but don't call it college hockey. its hockey in college, and yes, there is a difference.

Go watch a club game down South before you pretend having fans attend mean it's real. My kid had a coach with an extremely impressive Club hockey resume down South, Had no clue how to teach the breakout or even run a practice.