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Re: Jr Hockey travel/boarding

I asked my neighbor as his kid plays for SSK. He told me that all the Premier and NCDC kids are living at the Hampton Inn in Foxboro. They carpool to games to New Hampshire and pay their own way for gas/meals. They do get "all you can eat muffins" at the continental breakfast though. A check of the SSK site has the Hampton Inn as the "host" hotel. I wonder how much these kids are paying to live in a hotel for 6 months? I'm sure the org. is finding a way to make $ off this somehow.
USPHL is sill in full tryout mode. Junior Bruins have 50 players on their NCDC team, some of those will play Premier.

So, that arrangement probably isn't unusual. You wouldn't billet or rent an apartment until you know you're on the team.
USPHL is not in FULL tryout mode . As one poster said the south is already playing and has the full season schedule .

Apologize this is not the northeast but they are playing .
No NCDC teams in the South Division. Big difference.

Re: Jr Hockey travel/boarding

I can tell you that in the south east they are playing and traveling by bus and staying at hotels . Season started yesterday . My son took a spot down there and is glad he did . They get covid tested every Friday and have strict rules while traveling but so far so good .