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Re: NAHL Games in Mass?

So the Gens did sneak in a game at NESV as scheduled today at noon per the game sheet.

Let me guess.. zero protocols were followed.

One look at the game sheet says plenty.

Anyone who watched on HockeyTV, I'd love to hear how the game was played.

Re: NAHL Games in Mass?

..and then the morons at nesv send out a threatening email this morning telling everyone to abide by the rules that they themselves break repeatedly.. Or there won't be hockey until June 2021?! where did that doofus come up with that date??

Like RR didn't know about the junior game yesterday in HIS rink that followed zero of the state protocols..Or the many 95giants midget games with 25 kids on the bench and crammed into one room

what a fraud and a liar..