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Re: usphl ma hockey games

living in fear of this is total bs
No one is suggesting you should live in fear, although if you don't understand that a lot of people are afraid, crawl back under the rock with the other guy.

What you SHOULD fear about the second wave is, we will be going back to how restricted our daily lives were in April.

It's not even cold out yet. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

Re: usphl ma hockey games

So do Junior teams (USPHL NCDC, Premier, Elite) have to wear face coverings? I see so many 1/2 shields with no masks on?

Re: usphl ma hockey games

They are supposed to but honestly during the game itself the bench is the only place that I care its enforced...breathing hard after a shift with someone sucking it in on either side of you. Skating on the ice is actually so little risk I could care less.

Re: usphl ma hockey games

You did need to sign in on a roster type form next to your kids name.

I doubt there were scouts at the game I was at but I would assume they were figuring out a way to get the scouts in - probably a stand alone form indicating what games you are going to.

Re: usphl ma hockey games

I'm sorry, but the only division scouts will be viewing is NCDC. NCDC is good hockey, but even so with covid it's so difficult to scout. I am so sorry for all the age outs this year, but hopefully there will be some type of a solution produced.