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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: D3

Its difficult because many coaches "train" or have obligations all year, however you label it. And there are conflicts with not only both sports but school work which is why youre there in the first place.

Re: D3

If your kid was preparing for college hockey. Yet he didn’t have coaches at prep or high school that required commitments or obligations while balancing multiple sports, school work just like college then his coaches have failed him.

And those emails and meetings regarding commitments and obligations always mention what they should be doing “if they are not playing another sport”

Coaches love the two sport guys. They know they are in the weight room training or practicing under the guidance of another coach and. It sitting around doing nothing.

Re: D3

Graduated HS in 87 whole D3 team went from HS to college

Re: D3

Graduated HS in 87 whole D3 team went from HS to college
back then college hockey wasn't very relevant, even in D1 very few migrated to the professional level, but in the 90's or so , the model changed

Re: D3

Same here - lots of kids did but its changed a lot.
Many D1 players back then would be D3 now, and many D3 back then would be ACHA now.

Re: D3

Most of the freshmen hockey players are the same age as the 3rd year baseball players.