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Re: D1 Commits

Your first mistake was paying for a subscription to NZ. Those bozos wouldn’t know a hockey player if he gave them a pair of Arabian goggles.
But they "like my player" soooooooooo he's basically going pro! I don't get how they can like every player? You can like a player that goes D1, that's easy. You can kinda like a player going D3, but there must be reason he's not going D1, you cant like a player the same way that is going college club, or lower level D3...can you? Or be honest about it, I like this player but hes a bad skater, or I like this player but hes just not smart with the puck..Carry on with your day.

Re: D1 Commits

So this shouldn't be all that hard to figure out. They are creating a product that they want to sell. In order to sell it they need people who want to buy it. It would be bad for business to insult your paying customers that their kid wasn't any good. Glad i was able to help now carry on with your day.