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Re: Draft

7 rounds of NHL draft picks, only 5 from NCAA programs?
There were more than that drafted from high schools. What’s your point ?
What happened to all those prep players on central scouting?
They didn't get drafted...
Some of those dads will need to be walked back from the ledge. All **** year hearing about what number their kids are ranked, seeing tweets from NZ and NEHJ about moving up CEntral scouting, and then NOTHING! How about **** up and let them play?

Re: Draft

Too funny. They spent all year pumping their kids tires and "talking" with coaches and "agents" and when its all said and done still on the same line with my kid just trying to stay a plus.

Re: Draft

Really just shows how impacted the New England players were by the lack of a normal season. Why wouldn't the NHL guys weigh a prospect that maybe didn't have the minutes or the points playing in the European leauges higher than the pulled together prep scrimmages or the NCDC bubble. Does it mean the kid in the US wasn't as good, maybe but the competition just wasn't there to proove either way, and that worked against them.

They will all be in the BCHL & the USHL this season to try to get their over age draft spot...if they deserve it.

Re: Draft

The Wild scouting staff should be fired. The MSC kid can’t skate. Pylon.