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Re: NCDC Coaches

NCDC is for mama’s boys who couldn’t make the local NAHL team or USHL team. There has NEVER been a dominant NCDC player in D1 hockey….fact
I completely agree that the league is a waste of time, but in their defense they are only like 4 years into their existence

Was good for my kid as a 16 year old but after that year had to move on to something better
Yeah sure he did

Re: NCDC Coaches

Which NH NCDC. There is more than one

Re: NCDC Coaches

Which NH NCDC. There is more than one

Re: NCDC Coaches

Stay away from the coach in NH. Completely awful. Worst coach my son ever played for with the largest ego of all time
Which, since there are 2 NCDC teams /coaches in NH