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Re: Abusive coach

I know that there are a ton of youth coaches that get too excited on the bench and scream out and yell all game long. But when your at the junior level youd hope the coaches would be more adult and cerebral. Just watched a USPHL game last weekend and one of the coaches was out of his mind screaming BODY!, MOVE IT!, TOUGHEN UP!, ARE YOU F#$%'N KIDDING ME!, GET THE F#&k OFF! and so on to these teenage kids, then berating them further when they got back to the bench.

No I'm not a bookworm sissy, I played through college but never was ABUSED by the coach like I heard this past weekend. This isnt pro, college, or even USHL or NAHL, its pay to play tier3. And these parents are actually paying for that?

Well if daddy is on here complaining about a junior coach it’s very clear why the kid is soft as ****. Have a good day if you can’t survive juniors how are you going to survive college when your just a piece of meat to the coach and he’s looking to replace your kid everyday for 3 years straight.

Re: Abusive coach

There are many juniors coaches who abuse players. One I know Shoots pucks at kids, calls them retarded, stupid, threatens to ruin their career. Yeah, but he owns the team so kids have to suck it up.