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Re: Tier 3 Juniors

For players aging out of tier 3 leagues like the EHL and USPHL Premier, about what percentage go ACHA versus NCAA?

Of the players who advance to NCAA teams from tier 3 juniors, are most of them depth players who don\\\'t get a regular shift on the NCAA teams?
Do any kids go from T3 to NCAA ??

There kids playing Teir 3 that didn’t start on their high school teams !
Roughly 40% of D2/D3 players come from tier 3 juniors.
click on this link to the EHL website:

click on the xls icon for 2019-20 NCAA Division II/III Freshman Data

when the spreadsheet opens, use your skill with a spreadsheet to sort by league. Use your arithmetic skills to calculate that 39% of the NCAA II/III players are from tier 3 junior leagues.

The data is not just true for that season. The EHL has been advertising for years that 1 in 5 NCAA D3 players come from the EHL. This data is not in dispute even if you weren't aware of it. The question remains whether those 1 in 5 are mostly depth players and healthy scratches. Chime in if you know the answer.

Re: Tier 3 Juniors

Wonder what that number is if you take out NESCACs

Re: Tier 3 Juniors

Definitely different. The NESCACs and other highly selective LACs are more likely to take direct-from-prep players and tier 2 juniors. Still, there are some tier 3 players headed to NESCACs too. Anyone know if those are mostly A-band players?

Re: Tier 3 Juniors

Go to website Nescac hockey recruits

All you need to know