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Re: Stay or go?

Seems to me that, if the organization truly thinks your kid is an asset, they will start playing him soon. A Tier 2 team does not develop an asset by making him a practice player, only, so if they keep him in that role they don't consider him an asset. And, your son isn't developing only by practicing.

So, if they don't put him in games soon, like by Thanksgiving, bolt. They are keeping him around only as an insurance policy in case a roster player gets hurt. And, if that is all they think of him, do you really think that will suddenly change next year? Again, he is only an insurance policy in case they can't find anyone better.

Waiting your turn might be fine if you are at a good NCAA school. You are getting an education and being groomed for your junior and senior year. It is not okay if your kid is postponing his education with the hope of getting to the NCAA. These Tier 2 teams couldn't care less about your kid, and the treatment you describe proves that.
This is correct. On top of that, if the organization did value your player as an asset they know that he needs to be playing games to develop rather than healthy scratching him every game. They would be talking to you about sending him to U18 or even Tier 3 to get game time in and will follow his progress. Many of the NAHL teams have NA3 affiliates they send players to that shuttle back and forth between the NA and NA3 team.

I wouldn't just pull your kid out. He needs to have a conversation with the coach about this and tell the coach that he needs to play to develop and see if some sort of arrangement can be worked out with an affiliate team.

Re: Stay or go?

Bring him home so another parent can post on here about how a tier 2 kid came home and forced their kid out of a spot