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Re: 25-26 year olds playing College Hockey this season

The large number of 25-26 year olds still playing in college simply underscores a key problem with this sport. Young adults of that age should be three to four years into their career, finished with law school/MBA program, have a masters, or deep into med school.

Someone needs to break up this absurd model, which promotes kids leaving home too early for junior, taking two to four gap years while playing junior, and delaying their education (and, hence, their career) for several years. That doesn't happen in any other college sport.

Re: 25-26 year olds playing College Hockey this season

I guess I should get off my 03's back about the coveted commitment. Looks like he still has 2 years of Jr's to play. This sucks!

Re: 25-26 year olds playing College Hockey this season

Yep. The college hockey option is borderline delusional. By chasing the college hockey dream, you are limiting yourself to a very small number of schools - 1/3 of which are good or excellent, 1/3 of which are ok, and 1/3 of which are glorified community colleges. Yes, you might get some money knocked off, but few players get a full ride, most spend far more chasing the scholarship than the scholarship is worth, and one can usually get more money knocked off with a good GPA and ACT score. And, to play, you limit what you can major in, delay your career and cheat yourself out of the college experience. And, for what, an extremely small chance of going pro?

Yes, it sucks that they clogged the system and everything below it by granting hundreds of players an extra year of eligibility. But your post exposes an even greater problem.

Re: 25-26 year olds playing College Hockey this season

And who wants to be 26, going to school with a bunch of 18-21 year olds. Isn't that a little weird?

Re: 25-26 year olds playing College Hockey this season

Graduated high school just before my 18th birthday. Four years of college football and graduated just before I turned 22 and entered the working world. What a mistake. Most of my friends were still in college and here I was starting my "career". I was too young, too immature, and not ready for a 40+ hour a week grind making decent money but, let's be honest, nothing life changing. I don't think I have a single dollar saved from at least the first 5 years of my working life.

My point is this, I wished I would have been older when I graduated from school. I wish I was more mature and had more perspective on what I wanted to do in life. I should have sta*** in school and gotten an advanced degree. That wasn't as po****r, or necessary, back in the early 90's as it is today.

In the end everything turned out great. Great career, plenty of money, comfortable life, but I sacrificed some of my youth working when I could have being doing things I loved and getting life experience. I wish I could go back because you are only young once and you only get one chance to live those years.

There are advantages in going to college as an older student. You are more mature and have a better idea of what you want. If you've grinded it through Junior hockey you definitely will be better able to manage your time and handle the "rigors" of college when you get there. Also, let's be honest, college is way more fun when you are of legal drinking age.

If you want to play hockey, do it while you are young. Get it out of your system. Your entire working life will be there waiting for you. I have no problem with my kids playing Junior hockey and delaying school as long as I see them maturing and growing as people. Their grandfather spent those years of his life in Vietnam. A couple of years of Junior hockey is not some great setback. Youth is wasted on the young.

Re: 25-26 year olds playing College Hockey this season

That's right, and some might even recapture some of youth they missed while their youth hockey-obsessed parents had running from rink to rink year round since they were six. No doubt they gained some from the experience, but missed a lot.